Attention Real Estate Investors: Unleash AI To Get Cash-Flowing Multi Unit Properties  


In Just One Afternoon, Learn How To Master AI To Get 6-7 Figure Cash Flowing Multi-Unit Properties While You Sleep.


Expert Investor Peter Conti Will Personally Coach You On: 

  • Harnessing AI for Unprecedented Success in Multi-Units, Self-Storage, Mobile Home Parks and More!
  • ​Discover How AI Is Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate Investment, Making It Easy To Build Wealth Faster Than Ever Before

Event Ticket:  $497   Today Only: FREE 



Learn the exact systems and methods Peter Conti
-- America’s #1 Commercial Real Estate Expert
-- used to help close thousands of commercial real estate deals and build a fortune!

The “One Deal & Done Summit” Starts on ------------ 2022 and you can attend from the comfort of your own home or office.

Join Peter Conti as he shows how beginners and experienced Real Estate Investors are finally able to leverage AI to reach motivated sellers on autopilot without lifting a finger.  Learn the exact systems and methods Peter Conti America’s #1 Commercial Real Estate Expert used to help close thousands of commercial real estate deals and build a fortune!



What Would Reeling in

"A Big Deal" feel like?

Hear from people who learned from Peter...  

Who Is This Event For?

  • ​Are you just starting out in real estate?
  • Are you wanting to build generational wealth?
  • ​Do you feel constrained to your job and are wanting more freedom?
  • ​​Do you dream about making passive income every month?
  • ​​Are you someone who’s looking for a safe, proven and systematic way to make money in commercial real estate?
  • ​Do you want to learn how Ai can do all the hard work for you?

If you answered YES to any of those questions….
Then this is for you!

Discover how to Find Profitable Commercial Properties and Make Offers That Get Accepted (Even Without Any Experience, Capital, or Connections)

Curious to know how this is all possible?

This event will give you everything you need to get started in commercial real estate
… And well on your way to the money, lifestyle and freedom you deserve.
You’ll discover...

How To Find The Right Property:

AI-Driven Market Analysis: Learn how AI can identify the most lucrative investment properties, saving you time while increasing profitability.

How To Evaluate Commercial Real Estate: 

What you absolutely must avoid when selecting a property (most brokers don’t want you to know this). Plus how to measure it’s true short and long term market value.

How To Structure Your Deals:

The complete breakdown you need to maximize your profits, establish a fair agreement and set you up for lasting success.

How To Fund Your Property: 

Without any experience or having to know any money partners.

How to Find Motivated Sellers:

Automating Investment Processes: See how AI can automate crucial aspects of Multi-Unit investing, from lead generation to deal analysis.

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur,

What would closing on one BIG commercial real estate deal mean for you?

For some, it means being able to say goodbye to an unfulfilling day job and start working for themselves and their families.

For some, it means the end of financial struggle and the beginning of total financial security.

And for others, it means freedom -- more time to spend doing the things you love, with the people you care about, while your business builds long-term wealth.

I’ll share what doing large-scale commercial real estate deals has meant to me in a moment, but first let me ask you a few questions?
  • Are you working 80 or 100 hour weeks with a demanding “day job,” while struggling to build a real estate business on the side that you hope can one day replace your current income?
  • Are you frustrated by the barriers to truly making real estate work for you, like needing lots of cash, or a stellar credit score, a rich uncle, investor friends or relationships with big bankers?
  • Are you getting lots of small deals that just create a lot more work and don’t generate much profit or build any real wealth?
  • ​Are you looking for that “magic formula” that will get you into the game at a higher level, so you have access to the kinds of deals that can really transform your life?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then I want to invite you
to attend my upcoming 2-day “One Deal & Done” virtual real estate summit on October 25th-26th that will unlock the secrets to playing a big game in commercial real estate, even if you don’t have a lot of money, credit, rich friends, or connections at the bank . . .

 Let’s Get You Playing the Big Game!

If you’re putting in the time and effort, but not seeing BIG results
in your real estate business, I’ll tell you why . . .
You see, the people who are already rich and successful in real estate really don’t want competition from you -- makes sense, right?

In their eyes, you’re an outsider and a threat and one of the best ways to deal with you is to keep you misinformed about how the game is played and how to win big. If they can keep you out, there’s more for them. So they tell you that:
  • #1 -- You can’t play the big game in real estate unless you’re already wealthy
  • #2 -- You don’t have the knowledge, experience and savvy to take on big deals
  • #3 -- You might get a big deal on the hook, but you’ll never reel it in by yourself
But here’s the truth . . .

You don’t need to be already wealthy to close on a big commercial real estate deal.
You’re perfectly capable of learning how to play in the big deal game and win.

You can find, negotiate, and close ona major commercial real estate deal without their help and in spite of what they tell you.

All you need to do all of this is . . .
The inside information that “they” don’t want you to know.
And I’m the perfect person to share that inside information with you, because I was an outsider, too. When I first got into commercial real estate I had:

Zero experience
Zero rich friends
Zero bank connections
And $1,500 to my name

So how did I go from those humble beginnings to one of the most sought after real estate mentors in the world, bestselling author of “Commercial Real Estate for Dummies” and owner of a multi million dollar commercial real estate portfolio?
I didn’t listen to “them.”
If I had listened to “them” I’d either still be working 100 hour weeks, grinding out small real estate deals for meager profits, or I’d have given up long ago and gone back to my job as a mechanic.

Instead, I went into real estate with 3 beliefs that you’re NOT supposed to have:
  • #1 -- I believed there were no limits about the types of deals I could go after.
  • #2 -- I believed that I could close deals without putting up a lot of cash.
  • ​#3 -- I believed that big deals weren’t any harder to get done than small deals.
I was an outsider and I just didn’t know any better and that’s how I got to where I am today.

It’s like the poet Robert Frost wrote:
Two paths converged in a wood and I,
I took the one less traveled by . . .
And that has made all the difference.
There is a REALLY well-worn path that you’re supposed to follow when you get into real estate, or when you want to grow your real estate business into something really big.

But unfortunately that path doesn’t lead anywhere for 99% of people, because everyone is on it. Everyone is out there following the same basic path -- start small, build slowly, don’t dream big, work 100 hours a week and maybe, just maybe in 20 years you’ll have a nice portfolio and a little nest egg for yourself.

Now that’s fine if real estate is your hobby or your side hustle . . .

But do you really want to wait 20 years just to build up a little nest egg?

I don’t think so! If you did, you’d be happy with your day job and you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

Since you ARE reading this, I know you want a better, faster, more inspiring path. You want the Road Less Traveled -- the one the real estate tycoons take. . .

So here’s your roadmap:
Get Into Commercial Real Estate or Grow Your Existing Business
With One Big Game-Changing Deal at My “One Deal & Done” Summit
Slow & Steady or Shoot for the Moon?
Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?

We all learned this story when we were young. The tortoise and the hare decide to have a race. The hare leaps off the start line and quickly gains a huge advantage. Then (for a reason that is never explained in the story) the hare stops and has a nap. The tortoise plods slowly along and as the tortoise nears the finish line, the hare wakes up, realizes he may lose and tries to catch up. But, as we all know, the tortoise crosses the finish line first.

What are we supposed to learn from that story?

We’re supposed to learn that slow and steady plodding along toward our distant goals is the right way to win the race.

We’re supposed to ignore the fact that Hare’s these days are using the latest software and technology (much like driving a Ferrari) to go much faster

Hmmmmm. . . now who do you suppose would like most of us to believe that?
The Hares!
The people who leap off the line to sprint towards their dreams, relying on natural ability and high energy to get where they want to go.

They’d prefer that you don’t do that, because they don’t want the competition . . .

So, they use the oldest trick in the book . . .
They make the opposite way of doing things seem best!
Now, I am NOT saying that the slow and steady approach to building a real estate business is bad, wrong or silly.

I AM saying that contrary to what you’ve been told it is not the only way.

It’s not that slow and steady is bad and leaping after a big deal right out of the gate is better . . .that’s not the problem.

The problem is when you believe there is only one right way to do things and that way is the slow and steady way, so you get stuck being a tortoise and believing (falsely) that slow and steady is always the best way to win.
You Never Even Consider the One Deal & Done Approach -- And They Like it That Way
Hector didn’t believe that slow and steady was the ONLY way to succeed in real estate. He was working as a pool boy when he decided to get into commercial real estate. 
Hector told me his goal was to be a millionaire in one year. 

Now THAT’S a Hare!

And wow did he find a doozy of a deal using what he learned by taking the 
“One Deal and Done” approach . . .
It’s a 10 unit strip center worth 3.9 million and Hector’s purchase price was $2.7 million dollars. Using my creative acquisition strategies, we got the owner to carry back almost all the financing with no payments for the first two years.

One year ago Hector was working as a pool boy when he set that goal to make a million dollars in his first year. He blew right past that goal.

If Hector, working as a pool boy, could become a millionaire in a year by taking the “one deal and done” approach. . .

What could YOU accomplish?

What dreams could YOU fulfill?

What’s the future that YOU want to create?
Find Out With One Big Game-Changing Deal... 
at my “One Deal & Done” Summit
Here’s What You’ll Learn at My “One Deal & Done” 2-Day Virtual Summit:

 Session One: Big Deal Hunting -- Where to Look & What to Look For

In this session we’ll jump right in and explore how to get off the beaten path and take the road less traveled to find the kind of deals “they” don’t want you to know about, including:

  • How to Find Tax Delinquent and Other Problem Properties
  • ​How to Avoid Fighting With the Sharks for Overpriced "Retail" Deals
  • ​How to Access Little Known Data Sources that Can Guide You to Goldmines!

Special Bonus: Sneak Peek at Accessing Deals with My Commercial Deal Finder -- How the Pros Find Deals Most People Never See 

 Session Two: Big Deals We Got Done (working lunch)

Actual Deals My Students Got Done & How They Did It

Plus: How to Get a Free Copy of My Bestselling Book “Commercial Real Estate for Dummies”

 Session Three: Bagging Big Deals Without Big Money

How to Buy Commercial Real Estate Without:

  • Cash Down
  • ​Good Credit
  • ​Investors
  • ​Friends at the Bank

Special Bonus: Using My Very Own Creative Real Estate Strategies from My Commercial Funding Secrets Training 

Discover how to:

  • ​Buy commercial properties without using your own money
  • ​Quickly determine the value of any commercial property
  • Buy properties with my 5 step commercial master lease process 
  • ​Use my exclusive “eight profit activators” to increase income 
  • ​Structure owner carry financing on commercial properties,
  • ​Build a big, profitable portfolio without your own cash or credit
  • ​Take over the existing financing on a property

 Session Four: Filling Your Pipeline With Deals That Others Can’t Find

How to Automate Your Commercial Investing Business to:

  • Maximize Your Deal Flow
  • ​Find Motivated Commercial Sellers
  • ​Choose Only the Best Deals
  • ​Negotiate from A Position of Power

Special Bonus: “Backstage Access” to Learn How My Commercial Investor Pro + Commercial Deal Finder Work Together to Close Deals Fast & Ensure a Great Profit Every Time (A $997 Value)

  • Seamlessly Manage Multiple Deals at the Same Time
  • ​Automate Communications to Speed Up Deal Flow
  • ​Make “An Offer a Day” & Close Fast on the Best Deals

 Session Five: Questions and Answers - Ask the Expert

 Session One: Case Studies -- Doing the Deals “They” Say You Can’t Do

 Session Two: How to Wholesale Commercial Real Estate

“They” Want You to Think Wholesaling is Hard & Unrewarding (Because “They’re” Killing It & Don’t Want the Competition) But You’ll Learn How “The 1%” Do It & Get Rich:

  • Finding the Right Deals (great deals only -- no dogs)
  • ​Negotiating Powerfully (in a fun and comfortable way - you’ll love this!)
  • ​Finding & Qualifying Buyers (quickly and profitably every time)

Special Bonus #1: Tips & Tricks from My Secrets to Wholesaling Commercial Real Estate Profitably (A $2,997 Value)

  • The Essential Elements of Every Deal
  • ​Secrets to Finding “Quick Cash” Deals
  • ​How to Structure High Profit Deals
  • ​How to Find & Qualify Good Buyers
  • ​5 Ways to Get Paid on Deals
  • ​My Secret Technique for Never Losing a Deal

Special Bonus #2: The Ultimate Ninja Strategy -- How to Buy Deals from Other Commercial Wholesalers So You Can Keep Them Yourself!

  • How to quickly build your own wholesalers network. 
  • How to quickly put together a credibility packet 
  • How to quickly value any commercial property 

 Session Three: How to Get “The Dream”

Exclusive Opportunity to Become My Commercial Dream Partner and Do Big Deals Together! (Priceless Value)

  • Member’s Only Access to Commercial Deal Finder
  • ​Member’s Only Access to Commercial Investor Pro
  • Member’s Only Access to Commercial Funding Secrets
  • Member’s Only Access to Commercial Wholesaling Secrets
  • ​Member’s Only Access to Commercial Deal Funding
  • ​Member’s Only Access to Doing Deals Directly With Me

 Session Four: How to Protect Your Assets and Profit From Your LLC (working lunch)

 Session Five: How to Get Commercial Properties Using Direct Mail

Automating Your Commercial Real Estate Business With Commercial Investor Pro + Commercial Deal Finder -- Secrets to Creating the Ultimate Deal Flow System (A $1,997 Value)

  • Put Your Deal Flow System on Auto Pilot
  • ​Manage Multiple Deals Simultaneously
  • Automate Your Communications Process
  • Automate Your Documents Process
  • ​Close Quickly, Efficiently & Profitably

 Session Six: Questions and Answers - Ask the Expert

Plus: How to “Jump Start” Your Real Estate Business to Find & Close on that One Big Deal That Will Change Everything with My 5-Day Challenge

  • How to Find Your First (or Your First BIG) Commercial Deal Fast
  • ​How to Analyze Your Deal Quickly -- Build in Your Profit Model
  • Access to My ProprietaryCommercial Real Estate Agreements
  • How to Get Your Offer (on Your Terms) Accepted Quickly
  • 5 Surefire Methods to Fund Your Deal (and How to Work With Me)
Can you see why people are saying my One Deal & Done Summit is
the “2-Day MBA” for commercial real estate investing?
You won’t find a more comprehensive, immersive and actionable training anywhere.
I could easily charge $10,000 or more for this event.

In fact, people pay that much and more to access all of this material and have the chance to work with me on deals together.

But I’m not offering access to my One Deal & Done Summit for $10,000.

I’m not offering access for $5,000, $2,500 or even $1,000.

I originally decided to offer this exclusive “backstage pass” program for $497 because I really wanted as many real estate entrepreneurs as possible to have access to it.

But then I remembered something . . .

You see, I’ve been investing in commercial real estate since 1990 and have been a consultant and mentor since 1997. My success enabled me to become a bestselling author and an in-demand mentor to major investors.

Then a few years ago I was injured in a motorcycle racing accident. It’s a long story but I ended up with a crushed nerve in my leg that caused me to be dealing with debilitating chronic pain. After two years of this, I took matters into my own hands and decided to hike over 2,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail in a quest to heal my leg.

During my time walking through the wilderness, as you can imagine, I had plenty of time to think. I realized that the times I enjoyed most were the early days back when I was working with entrepreneurs who wanted to establish and grow their real estate businesses.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing someone put the time in, take the risks of starting out on their own like I did and succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

That’s why I decided not to offer this game-changing One Deal & Done Summit for $497, because in today's economy that’s still a big-ticket expenditure for a lot of people.

So I made the decision to slash that price and offer this super intensive, highly actionable training for just FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY

If you’re serious about jump starting your real estate business and you’re excited about taking the road less traveled instead of the road “they” want you to take . . . Click the button below

All it Takes is One Big Commercial Deal
for You to be Set for Life

Why does Peter's Ai for Multi-Family & Commercial Investing Strategies work so well?
Because it’s designed specifically to get you in the game fast and focused on finding the big deals “they” don’t think you should aim for.

Because it shows you how to maximize your opportunities for finding the “Big One” that changes everything.
Because it gives you the tools and techniques to automate your lead generation, deal analysis, offers and closing.

Because it lets you say goodbye to wasting time on deals that never materialize and HELLO to a steady pipeline of great high-profit deals.

In short . . . because it massively increases your opportunity to close on that One Big Deal that can make your entrepreneurial dreams come true!

If you’re ready to stop being a grinder (like the tortoise) . . .

If you’re ready to leap into the Big Game (like the Panther) . . .

If you don’t believe the tortoises always win and the hares lose (like they want you to believe) . . .

If you’re ready to achieve income you never thought possible, faster than you ever thought possible, while working far fewer hours and having tons more time for friends, family, hobbies and travel . . .

All you have to do is say YES! Reserve My Seat!

And you’ll be in an exclusive group of future real estate superstars, ready to master the commercial real estate game and close “the Big One” that will change your life forever . . .
Hosted By Peter Conti
Peter conti
Co-author of Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the CONTENT, and how LONG can I access it?
Once you register, you’ll get a reminder with the date and times of the event plus a special access link to use on the day of the event.
How much money do I need to invest in commercial real estate?
Peter says “If you can find a great deal and get it under contract, the money will come.” Peter went from mechanic to millionaire in three and a half years starting out with just $1,500 in the bank. During the 5 Day Commercial Property Safari you’ll discover how to master this critical step - getting money-making commercial properties under contract.

When using Peter’s Buyer Friendly Purchase Contract, you’ll have three weeks to come up with the earnest money deposit, PLUS you’ll get to meet personally with Peter on a zoom, and have an opportunity to submit any deals for review. Peter has even been know to go through the numbers and either offer to pay you a big assignment fee or give you his best advice on how to do the deal on your own.
Do I have to start with houses first before doing commercial?
Peter’s helped plenty of investors get started by going directly into commercial real estate without wasting time wholesaling or flipping houses. Peter says “With about the same amount of effort, you can make little bits of money with houses or big chunks of money with commercial properties, the choice is yours.”
Remember... You’re Just One Big Commercial Deal Away From Being Set For Life!
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